NEWQUOTA Live Studio Session

In this session, we introduce half of NEWQUOTA live in the studio performing their original songs "Unshakable" & "Plunge".

NEWQUOTA are an English funk rock band from Bristol, founded in 2015 by singer-songwriter Jacob Spencer. In addition to Jacob Spencer on lead guitar and vocals and Bethany Spencer on bassoon and backing vocals. The band is made up of Louise Mines and Joel Mines bringing keys, backing vocals and percussion into the mix.

"Jacob blends silken riffs on the guitar with peppercorn words of punch and power, whose melodies are chased by Lou on the synthetic ivories. Hemmed in by the tight rhythms of Joel on drums, and growling underneath is the monster bass brought by the bassoon." - Bethany describing the band's sound.

The band's name initially came from Spencer's album of the same name, for it was at the launch of this album, in October 2015, that the band first joined forces.

"I named the album after recognising a new era was dawning in my personal and creative life as I was leaving the community house I was living in, just outside of Bristol. I suppose the name was a form of greeting to the new season with a bagful of new ideas!" - Jacob Spencer.

Funk Rockin' It Up

NEWQUOTA have performed in various locations. Most notably in Bristol, filling such stages as the Louisiana, the Fleece, the Grain Barge, and a few pop-up festivals. In the autumn of 2016, the band took a hiatus due to bassoonist Bethany and lead vocalist Jacob tying the knot.

However, the band are now back in full force ready to start touring brand new material, triggered by the highly anticipated release of their new single 'Quiet' this summer.

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Remember to stick around as you can find out more about NEWQUOTA from their interview, after the live session.

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