John Stranks Live Studio Session

In this session, we introduce John Stranks live in the studio performing his original song "Snowbird".

A singer/songwriter based in the West Midlands area "I've played at many local venues, both as a solo act and with a trio called Northern Lights. I've previously worked in many places - factories, shops, offices, management, teaching, running my own business - but I've never made much money out of music; luckily for me, I just love playing - anywhere, anytime." - John Stranks.

His love of music stems from listening to a wide range - classical, jazz, country, rock, punk and pure pop: favourite artists include Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Waits, Richard Thompson, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, The Band, REM, Television and The Velvet Underground.

He composes all his own material and has three home-recorded CD albums in the pipeline - with all instruments played by John - soon to be released on his own label; DreamLine.

Acoustic Singer-Songwriter

Of course, he has many musical influences, but as a songwriter,  he comments "I've always relied on pure inspiration - I've never once sat down to write any particular kind of song, or chosen a topic in advance - once the tune arrives I let the song decide what it wants to say. There are a few I'm not sure I understand myself!"

He's played a lot of showcase gigs and open mic nights in the Birmingham and Black Country area over the last few years. While also working with a trio called Northern Lights, performing original songs and various cover versions.

You can find him on FaceBook and YouTube and is always available for any gigs in the Midlands area.

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Remember to stick around as you can find out more about John from his interview, after his live session.

Watch the video below.

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