Jamie Connolly Live Studio Session

In this session, we introduce Jamie Connolly live in the studio performing his original song "Slowly Breaking Heart".

He is a singer-songwriter and rhythm guitarist from Leicester.  Jamie takes his inspiration from life and as a result, his musical style is occasionally witty, always heartfelt, and honestly on his sleeve.

Born in Sutton Coldfield in 1981 & grew up in a sleepy village in south Staffs. He spent his childhood absorbing his parents' record collection & watching TOTP. 

Mesmerized by 80s Rock icons including Queen, Bowie, U2, Bon Jovi, Live Aid. Later as a teen, he got swept up in the 90s 'Britpop' era, influenced by icons including Oasis, Blur, Pulp.

Jamie Connolly Live

Always a restless, creative mind, Jamie first learned guitar aged 16.

Later in life, he graduated from a contemporary theater degree at MMU Cheshire in 2004, during which time he performed in a piece at Edinburgh Fringe festival.

He performed his West End debut in a variety show at London's Haymarket in 2006. A few years later he toured with a professional musical production in 2008. This was when he rediscovered his passion for the guitar & songwriting.

You can read about his latest release "Trials of a Modern Man" or you can discover more about Jamie and where to get his music. 

Remember to stick around as you can find out more about Jamie from his interview, after his live session.

Watch the video below.

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